Selectasine Screen Printing Puff Binder

The Selectasine range has binders and pigments for screen printing and painting.

Fiery Red pigment was combined with the puff binder at a ratio of 1 part pigment to 20 parts binder. The pigments come in a liquid state called “pigment in dispersion,” which is easy to mix into the binder. They can be used for screen ink, paint, and colouring handcrafted paper.

If you want to use the solution on fabric, paper, board, or wood, you need to add the pigment to a binder. The acrylic content in the binder forms a bond with fabric after the paint dries and is heat-fixed. Different binders offer various effects with the pigments.

After applying the solution, let it dry completely. Then, sandwich it between cotton sheets and iron on the reverse side with a hot iron and no steam. The Selectasine Puff Binder inflates when heated, giving a raised texture to the painted or printed item.

The puffed solution creates a slightly matte finish, and the colour may look slightly dulled. The binder can puff up significantly. Using a screen for printing will give more even coverage, and you can add more layers before fixing.

The fabric puckers under the puffed solution, and the more solution you use, the more texture you’ll get. This offers exciting possibilities for creating textured fabric art.

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