Selectasine Expanding Puff Binder


Selectasine Expanding Puff Binder – 3 sizes

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Create colourful 3D prints by mixing this binder with Selectasine Eco pigments in dispersion to craft your own textured screen printing inks. This puff binder adds a puffy foam finish. To make the ink, add 1-2 parts Selectasine Eco pigment to 20 parts of the puff binder. You can also use the puff binder alone to give fabric a white textured finish.

You can apply the solution through block or screen printing. For the best results, once it’s dry, apply heat to raise and fix the 3D print. Activate the “puff” by applying heat (up to 150°C) on the reverse side for 2.5 minutes.

Please note that some Selectasine products are sensitive to frost. Store them properly at temperatures above 5°C to maintain their quality.

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