Screen Printing using Screen Filler & Drawing Fluid

Speedball’s Screen Filler and Drawing Fluid can be used together to create semi-permanent designs onto a screen. This enables you to produce multiple prints of our designs without the need of a stencil. Using this method, it allows for flexibility of working over several sessions, also eliminating the need for any light source, computer or a dark space which is often associated with photographic techniques.

Speedball Screen Filler can be used alone to banish any unwanted work! Stir the filler and use a paintbrush to apply to the screen. Apply it to all the areas you wish to be blocked out from the ink. Allow it to dry horizontally, bottom-side up. Below is a simple look into how to combine the products to create an onscreen stencil.

Step 1: Preparing your Screen

Before diving into your masterpiece, ensure your screen is spotless, our Mesh Prep Gel will degrease monofilament polyester mesh fabric. Unleash your artistic flair on paper and place it beneath the screen. Trace your vision onto the mesh with a soft lead pencil.

Step 2: Drawing Fluid

Looking to achieve the positive method of screen printing? Combine the power of Drawing Fluid with Screen Filler for amazing results. Cover the design areas you wish to print through with the drawing fluid, ensuring thorough coverage. Lay the screen flat to dry, making sure nothing disturbs this mesmerizing process.

Step 3: Embrace the Transformation

When your screen is fully dry, gently apply the stirred Screen Filler over the design painted in drawing fluid. One pass with a squeegee is enough as multiple passes dissolve the drawing fluid.

Step 4: Revealing the design

Let the screen dry horizontally once again. This time, it’s crucial to avoid any fabric contact, allowing the magic to unfold. Spray cold water on both sides of the screen where drawing fluid was applied, and watch those areas wash out, revealing exposed parts for ink to work its way through.

Step 5: Fine-Tuning the Details

For those minor blockages, a gentle scrub with a small stiff brush on both sides will do the trick. If need be, you can opt for washing soda dissolved in warm water, but do not use hot water! The wait is worth it! Let your screen dry horizontally, bottom-side up, and behold your masterpiece in all its glory.

With Speedball’s Screen Filler and Drawing Fluid, your screen printing endeavours will never be the same. Elevate your artistry, embrace the process, and unveil stunning prints that will leave others in awe.

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