Selectasine Concentrated Print Paste Thickener


Selectasine Concentrated Print Paste Thickener – 4 sizes

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This thickener boosts the thickness of print pastes, making them less likely to spread, which is great for cotton, polycotton, polyester, and similar fabrics, as well as paper.

It’s a high-purity Inverse Emulsion of synthetic acrylic co-polymers. These polymers are already dissolved, so when you mix a tiny amount into the binder, it thickens instantly. You can put it into Selectasine Screen Printing Binders before adding pigments or metallics, or you can mix it into pre-made printing inks and pastes.

You’ll want to use about 1-2% thickener for every binder. Add it gradually while stirring until you reach the thickness you want. For really small amounts, a syringe might come in handy.

This product must be used with caution as it will cause irritation to eyes if infected and is harmful to aquatic life. Wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid release to the environment where possible.

Due to some of the Selectasine products being sensitive to frost, we advise storage under suitable conditions and at temperatures above 5°C

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