Jacquard Procion MX Dyes – 18g


Jacquard Procion MX Dyes – 18g

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Procion MX dyes are unique because they work without needing heat to set them; they chemically bind to the fibres.  They are perfect for various dyeing methods like shibori, ice dyeing, tub and low water immersion dyeing as well as printing and direct painting. These dyes form a strong, long-lasting bond with plant based fibre materials like cotton and linen, making them extremely durable even after washing. For printing, combine these procion dyes with a thickener such as Manutex.

To use Procion MX dyes, simply mix the concentrated dye powder with tap water. You can fix these dyes with soda ash, which you can add directly to the dye bath or use as a pre-treatment for techniques like tie-dyeing.

Typically, one 18g pot will dye more than 0.45kg of dry fabric

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