Fibrecrafts Fibre Reactive Procion MX Dyes – 50g


Fibrecrafts Fibre Reactive Procion MX Dyes – 50g

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Procion MX dyes are used for dying cotton, bamboo, flax/linen, tencel, and viscose fabrics, fibres, and yarn. These dyes react with the fibres, creating a lasting connection, making the colour permanent. They essentially merge with the material’s cellulose or protein molecules. While Procion MX dyes can be used on silk and wool, it’s worth noting that Acid dyes are generally more effective for these fibres. When wanting to use Procion MX dyes for printing simply mix with a thickener such as Manutex.

To create vibrant and permanent colours, combine these concentrated dye powders with cold tap water. Procion MX dye becomes colourfast when treated with soda ash. For immersion dyeing, simply add soda ash directly to the dye bath. When preparing fabric for techniques like Batik, Shibori, or Tie Dye, soak it in a soda ash solution and let it dry before you begin your creative work.

For Turquoise Blue, a unique approach is needed compared to the usual cold water dye method. To attain the richest color, add an equal amount of soda ash as dye, heat the dye bath to 50°C, and maintain it for 10 minutes. If you prefer a lighter, less intense shade, you can opt for the cold water method.

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