Fibrecrafts Acid Dyes – 50g


Fibrecrafts Acid Dyes – 50g

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These acid dyes are for dying with wool and other animal fibres including fur, feathers, cashmere and angora as well as most nylons. They also give a brighter colour with silk than fibre reactive dyes.

The amount of dye you use depends on how dark you want the colour. You measure it based on the weight of the material you’re dyeing. If you start with a 1% dye solution, using a 2:1 ratio (50cc of 1% dye solution for every 25g of fibre) will give you an average colour depth. But this is just a starting point for your experiments. To make the colour deeper, you’ll need more dye, and for lighter colours, you can use less. To set these dyes, you can use vinegar or citric acid, this is where they get their name, the dyes themselves are not acidic.

With 50g of dye powder, you can dye up to 5kg of fibre, depending on how intense you want the colour to be.

To create a printing ink these acid dyes can be mixed with a thickener, such as Manutex RS.

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