Essdee Fabric Block Printing Inks – 150ml


Essdee Fabric Block Printing Inks – 150ml

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5 colours, 150ml tube each

Essdee Fabric Printing Inks are specially made for making fabric prints with ease and enjoyment. These thick inks create bold, vivid prints on fabric that feel soft and last long when heat-set. They’re water-based, so they’re simple to use and clean up with just soap and water.

To craft your unique print, first carve your design using Lino printing tools. Then, apply the ink onto your carved block using a roller. Next, press your inked block onto your fabric, and use some pressure to transfer the ink.

After printing, heat-set the ink by ironing the back of your print (without steam) for about 4 minutes, ensuring you cover your entire design. These printed fabrics can be washed up to 40°C. For the best results, it’s recommended to use 100% cotton fabric, as textured fabrics can yield different outcomes.

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