250ml Fibrecrafts Synthrapol


Fibrecrafts Synthrapol – 250ml

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Synthrapol is a gentle detergent that works well in cool water and helps prevent back staining by removing excess dye that hasn’t bonded with the fabric. After dyeing, simply mix half a teaspoon of Synthrapol with 5 litres of water for washing out any extra dye.

It’s not just for post-dye clean up – Synthrapol is also great for cleaning materials before dyeing (PFD) and a process called scouring. As a surfactant, it reduces surface tension between fibres and dye solutions, making it easier for materials to absorb dye. Soak your materials in a solution of half a teaspoon of Synthrapol to 5 litres of warm water for 15 minutes, squeeze out the excess, and then add them to the dye bath while still damp.


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